GALINA Fleischmannová

Galina was born in Prague in 1961.

Focusing in the oil, pastel, watercolor, tempera, non traditional elements and mixed media painting techniques in the portrait, landscape painting, figure painting, collage, assemblage, art objects, and so forth, she represents one of the most versatile painters of the Czech contemporary fine arts scene. Continuously she keeps re-defining and upgrading her sense of the subject synthesis and its transformation within various styles array from the very realistic up to the far abstract forms, yet never abandoning the power hidden within each subject matter.

Right after having passed her A-levels at Litvinov Gymnasium in 1980 she had entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague to study the painting arts with prof. Frantisek Jiroudek. Having graduated there in 1986 she gained the Academic Painter degree.

She has been exhibiting her own free creations (see Watercolors, Mixed Media, Pastels, Portraits, etc.) regularly from the eighties onwards both as a solo artist at the independent exhibitions as well as together with other Czech and foreign fine artists at the collective exhibits in Czech Republic and abroad (see Exhibitions). The recent individual expositions include e.g. The Supreme Burgrave´s House at the Prague Castle, in the Mansarda gallery, Smecky gallery in Prague a.o., the collective presentations has introduced Galina in the frame of the "Self-Portrait In The Czech Fine Art" exhibition program at the Ales South-Bohemian Gallery in Hluboka, exhibits in Hradec Kralove, and in Brussels Gallery Garden, repeatedly in Swedish Linköping, Stockholm, in Berlin, etc.

In parallel with her own work as the independent author, and also her participation in several home and foreign fine art symposiums within the time from 2000 till 2007 she was the art program leader for the private gallery Modry Hrozen (Blue Grape) in North-Bohemian Litvinov city as well, focusing in the contemporary fine arts presentations of the painting arts, graphic arts, fine art photography and sculpture and plastic arts there. From 2009 she is the art program director of the fine arts & music programs "Meetings" at the Dolni Lukavice castle in the West Bohemia.

She has been cooperating both with many prominent personalities of the Czech culture and public life (V. Franz, J. Hula, P. Kurka, J. Machalicky, Jiri Slupka Sverak, Björn Römert, S. Hanzlik, P. Repa, a.o.) as well as with the Czech and foreign galleries and institutions (among others Pro Photo NGO, Regional Gallery Most, Gallery Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy, a.o.).

In present days she combines her freelance creator career together with her pedagogical activities at the high school Náhorní in Prague.